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What is Trading With Logic?

How did an immigrant in the United States go from mowing grass to being a professional TRADER and also creating a revolutionary concept that goes against popular trading education? What did he discover to break popular standards and teach the reality of this business that you will not hear anywhere else?

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Become a professional trader able to:

  • Execute in an objective, clear and simple way, in any financial market, without the need for theories or indicators that everyone talks about.
  • Develop the ability to do the minimum but more effective, having much more time, and stop doing addictive trading
  • Forget about having to do subjective Technical Analysis and backtesting.
  • Be able to adapt to the Manipulation of the Markets based on numerical, real and objective information.
  • Improve your results by adapting trading to your life and not your life to trading.
  • Achieve a high level of peace of mind when trading to stay in this business for the long term
  • Develop, systematize and automate dozens of personalized strategies capable of adapting to change and the Manipulation of Financial Markets.
  • You don’t need to invest money in another course or training for the rest of your trading career.Become a professional trader able to:

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